Implement a Successful Student Motivation Program at Your School.

69% of teachers reported on a recent national survey that low motivation is a major problem in their classrooms (Yeager et al, 2014). 

When it comes to research-based improvements in education, there's a lot of promising proof out there to build around. From grit to growth mindset, there is a growing body of research that educators can use to strengthen students’ motivation to learn. But taking the insights from research into practice--especially across complex communities like schools--takes considerable vision and deliberation.

To help educators understand and implement the conclusions that scholars have reached through decades of studies, Search Institute has created the REACH Framework, which breaks the task of strengthening student motivation down into five essential strategies:

  • Building developmental Relationships with and among students
  • Helping students understand how Effort can increase intelligence 
  • Connecting students' current actions to their future Aspirations 
  • Teaching students about the role of Cognition in delaying gratification and managing learning
  • Ensuring that students know and are known for the deep interests and values in their Hearts

Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning: Using The Reach Framework To Drive School Improvement

When it comes to research-based improvements in education, there are a lot of options to consider. But taking the insights from research into practice–especially across complex communities like schools–takes considerable vision and deliberation.

To guide school leaders in successfully integrating REACH research and resources into schools’ comprehensive improvement efforts, Search Institute offers Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning via onsite workshops and follow-up support.

Informed by improvement science principles and Search Institute’s experience with a diverse spectrum of schools, a REACH expert will visit your site and create a customized solution to fit your structure, support, time and budget.

Learn how to implement the REACH Framework-based strategy in your school

Each workshop attendee receives a printed copy of the REACH Strategies Guidebook with activities (called Anchor Activities) and strategies for increasing student motivation.

Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning breaks implementation of the REACH Framework into manageable, logical workstreams. Additionally, the implementation planning workshops give participating school leaders direct input in building the initiative’s processes, schedules, roles, and responsibilities. In all, the implementation planning workshops allow school leadership teams to collaboratively reach shared understandings of and consensus around the following:

  • REACH rationale and operations
  • Understanding and planning with the REACH Components (REACH Student Survey, REACH Anchor Activities, REACH Techniques)
  • Implementation Considerations: Vitals & Logistics
  • Prioritizing, Professional Learning (Initial and Continuous), Methods of Initiative Monitoring
  • Building an Initiative Calendar
  • Planning Communications
  • Owning Roles

What's Included in On-site Implementation Planning

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Onsite School-wide Implementation Planning

To find our more information about Onsite Schoolwide Implementation Planning, please contact Mary Shrader at 800-888-7828, or fill out the information form below.

What educators say about REACH:

“They break it into small chunks but more importantly you give us very applicable strategies in using this research.” 

Alan Reeder, Deputy Superintendent, Lyon County School District, Nevada

“In 18 years I haven’t come across a philosophy that is to me more applicable to our school. It will be accepted and embraced by our staff because it fits so well. It gives to us a common language and a way to articulate the philosophy we’re trying to use to foster independent thinking, achieving young people.”

Kathryn Robinson, Psychologist, 

Eagan High School, Minnesota

“This has by far been the most beneficial workshop I’ve been to. The topics are explained in several different ways. I also like that we’re able to try the anchor activities ourselves and that we have the Guidebook to fall back on.”

Lisa Thom, 

Guidance Counselor, Grantsburg School district, Wisconsin

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