Keep Connected Institutefor Strengthening Family Relationships

Live Online Workshop

Nov 27-Dec 1, 2023

Healthy, strong family relationships are foundational to young people’s growth, learning, and well-being. These relationships build strong social and emotional strengths that kids use throughout their lives.

But great family relationships don’t just happen.

Keep Connected offers all kinds of families–and organizations that support them–ideas, activities, and experiences to help build strong family relationships. Our goal is to strengthen family relationships to help kids be and become their best selves.

This virtual workshop, designed for teams of two or more, will teach you how to bring the Keep Connected Family Program to your community, school or program - and give you the tools for success!

This online training-of-facilitators opportunity prepares leaders in schools, youth-serving organizations, and community organizations to organize and facilitate the Keep Connected workshop with parenting adults and middle school youth.

The Keep Connected Institute prepares teams of co-facilitators to offer Keep Connected to families in your school, organization, or community. The program is designed for two facilitators—one to lead youth sessions while the other leads the sessions with parenting adults.

Why Offer Keep Connected in Your Community?

Based on the Framework of Developmental Relationships and tested in a wide range of organizations, Keep Connected helps to:

  • Deepen family relationships with each other in their everyday lives.
  • Enhance family communication and decision making, while also reducing parent-youth conflicts.
  • Create community among families. Participating families invariably say: “It’s nice to know that other people struggle with some of the same things we deal with.”
  • Build trust with families so they deepen their connections with your school or organization.

You'll will

  • Learn how to organize, plan, and facilitate the parent, youth, and family workshops.
  • Have clarity on the time and resources needed to implement Keep Connected effectively.
  • Discover the research-based framework for strengthening relationships that young people need to learn, grow, and thrive.
  • Understand the goals, purpose, structure, and style of Keep Connected.
  • Get an introduction to the six-session, interactive workshop series that strengthens parent-youth relationships.
  • Receive the curriculum, guidebook, and handouts with the tools to lead the sessions, in English and Spanish
  • Get access to a full library of online tools and resources, including facilitator materials, strategies for recruitment and retention, effective facilitation guides, promotion tools and resources (press releases, email template, social media templates, videos, etc.)
  • NEW: Virtual coaching and networking sessions (see below)

New: Digital Keep Connected Check-ins!

keep connected digital check-ins

New Digital Check-ins to Keep Connected!

Keep Connected now has materials available that will help schools, programs, and other family-serving organizations connect with families during the COVID-19 pandemic. These downloads focus on creating a community among parenting adults, while also providing the resources families can use at home that emphasize positive family relationships.

Free Virtual Coaching Sessions

You won’t be on your own with Keep Connected. You’ll have access to a monthly virtual peer practice group that will share ideas, untangle snags, and celebrate successes as you start implementing Keep Connected. You’ll join other Keep Connected facilitators, a veteran Keep Connected leader, and Search Institute’s Gene Roehlkepartain, who created Keep Connected and will facilitate the conversations.


Who should attend?

The workshop is designed for teams of two or more who work with youth and parents, especially: 

  • School leaders, especially middle school
  • Parent-teacher coordinators
  • Family engagement program leaders
  • Juvenile justice programs
  • Child and family services programs
  • Family engagement programs
  • Faith-based programs
  • Community education programs
  • PTA/ PTO leaders

Registration Details

DATES: Nov 27-Dec 1, 2023

Registration Deadline: Nov 23, 2023

Location: Live Online via Zoom


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (CST) each day

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$695 first registrant

$425 Second Registrant

The workshop is designed for teams of two or more from an organization who will work together to coordinate the program and facilitate parent, youth, and family sessions.

Keep Connected in Action

Youth gather together for a Keep Connected session in IJ Holton Intermediate School in Austin, MN.

Keep Connected sessions at Jubilee Housing, Inc. in Washington, DC. began with a shared meal.

"I find it to be a holistic approach. I think you need to deal with everyone in the home; kids are often left out of family conversations..."                              - Marcus Clark, Jubilee Housing, Inc., Washington, DC

What Others have Said About the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships

What participants have said about the
Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships:

“There were really well-defined steps within the actual workshop itself, and for us to be able to take the material and give it back to our people, I feel a lot more comfortable now after these three days of training.”                              - Marcus Clark, Jubilee Housing, Inc., Washington, DC

“It’s one thing to hear about a program from the top down. But it’s very different to sit with peers who have gone through it, and share those experiences. I feel like I can really go back and sell the program.”                              - Kelly Skokowski,  YWCA Tri-County Area, Pottstown, PA

"This is really empowering for professionals in our field. It’s always valuable learning from people who are in the same boat as you. I feel like we need to find new ways to support families.”
                              - Michelle Morehouse, IJ Holton Intermediate School, Austin, MN

Keep Connected Training Policy

The Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships is a research-based program for strengthening parent and child relationships during the critical middle school years. It prepares program leaders and facilitators to utilize the Keep Connected curriculum through a series of seven relationship strengthening workshops and associated activities.

The Strengthening Family Relationships resources consist of two primary components – the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships, a two-day training institute for parent and youth facilitators, and online access for two years following training to the most current Keep Connected curriculum and support information.

Individuals trained at the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships may deliver the curriculum to parents and youth for the sponsoring organization as part of their regular professional work. However, trained individuals are not authorized to market the Keep Connected curriculum or content in an entrepreneurial fashion. Trained individuals are not authorized to train others to deliver the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships or Keep Connected.

Online access to the Keep Connected resources will belong to the sponsoring organization which sends individuals to the Keep Connected Institute for Strengthening Family Relationships (e.g. school or community based organization). Your purchase of this program is a license to use the curriculum, as described here, for a period of two years.

Keep Connected is the copyrighted property of Search Institute. All rights reserved. PLEASE READ: Our Workshops Acceptable Use Policy

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