FREE: Talk About It Cards

Search Institute has identified five essential actions that help children and teens grow up well. Here are some family conversation starters that help you talk with your children and teens and grow your relationships.

Talk About It Cards help you share each person’s experiences, feelings, and beliefs so families can get to know each other better!

These cards can help you better utilize the five essential actions of developmental relationships: 

  • Express Care: Different people express care in different ways. How do you see each other expressing care? 
  • Challenge Growth: Challenging growth focuses on the ways we encourage, inspire, push, or otherwise influence each other to try new things, take risks, or overcome obstacles. These discussion starters focus on how this happens--or doesn’t happen--in your family.
  • Provide Support: Everyone needs help from other people sometimes. It can be tricky, though, to find the right balance of having others support us and being responsible on our own. 
  • Share Power: We influence youth, and youth influence us as well as each other. Families are stronger when they are intentional in the ways they share power with each other. 
  • Expand Possibility: Discover how to help each other and explore new possibilities you’d love to explore together.

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